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Let’s stop spinning top in mud!

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By Carlton Ishmael

It is alright to have personal opinions, but we must not only look at things with tinted glasses.

We have a habit of taking sides, especially politically, but fail to assess the criticism levelled at our party sometimes.

With every regime there will be positive intent, but there could also be squandering, or money spent badly.

Most of the times I think that egos come to the fore and it is not unusual to discard former plans for new or innovative ideas that also can and will come under scrutiny.

There will always be people who approve and equally those that disagree. Some you can or will please and for others there will always be discontent: This I refer to as human nature.

But when certain projects conceived or established by the former regime get abandoned, it is the people that suffer.

Granted, due to largesse, some projects are deemed to be astronomical in cost and worth reviewing, to see if corners can be cut or amendments can be made, or if redesigning can help in cutting cost or improving such projects, but regardless of the conclusion there is always a sour taste left behind.

In my opinion, monies sought for development purposes must be spent with a certain amount of caution, we must remember that loans must be repaid — usually with interest — and if too much is spent in certain areas, some other areas will suffer, so there must be a balance when any planning or implementing is being considered.

But too often we get unfinished and abandoned structures and hefty bills to deal with as a country, those who make the decisions to build, or discard, don’t have to dig into their pockets to repay.

It is sad that that type of politics is what we have inherited and it’s not doing us any good.

We are surely in need of many changes and chief among them is how we spend the state funds, or how we disperse of such funds.

People are greatly in need, especially in these times and I would rather see monies spent on people’s welfare rather than being wasted or syphoned through devious means, in the name of development. The Governments of now and the future must have more control and insight of what can and will work and stop doing things in the interest of a few selected persons, especially party hacks.

The politics of tomorrow must be done with a firm hand, a realistic approach and a conscious vision. Too much waste, too much deceit and too many ulterior motives, so I say: Be honest, humble, truthful and brave — and if you are deemed to be wrong, accept that people do make mistakes, even politicians. And so, if things are done for the people, there must be less disenchantment, regardless what party is at the helm. Otherwise we are simply “spinning top in mud”, as we say.

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  1. I totally agree, we need people with a vision for our country. Parties can blame other parties while campaigning. Once you get into office it becomes your problem and you must take charge and full responsibility from that point.

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