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Be careful how you choose because if you snooze, you lose!

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By Carlton Ishmael

The older you get the clearer certain facts of life become and more understanding. Take for instance governance: there are those who think that if they vote for a political party, all they need or want has to be personally provided for them and the government is responsible for getting them a job, make land available to them, even determine the cost of goods, and services.

If by some mishap their dwelling home should burn, or they get evicted, the government should “come to their rescue”, if their electricity gets cut off or they have medical issues, if they need books for their children, it is the government that is supposed to help, mainly because they voted for them.

Parents sometimes become victim of the same situation or criticism, as their children expect that their parents should always give all the time; to constantly provide and take care of all their needs, especially if they live under their roof “because it is you who brought me into this world.”

That may be true in some cases, but what about growing-up and dealing with the sacrifices and self- discipline and prudent planning that some parents have to go through to ensure they reach manhood?

So many people are demanding, but not prepared to sacrifice. You see the constant waste, the squandering, the useless buying, just to be “in fashion” or to live in style”, as we say, but refusing to deal with today’s reality.

If one rents or owns their own home or vehicle, or has accepted the responsibility of parenting, then reality steps-in because then you have to deal with priorities because some bills must be paid — and timely, because if not you end up with debt problems.

To have or to gain, some sacrifices must be made; like to get an education you must be prepared to burn the midnight oil, in other words find reason to limit your liming and find study time and you have to abstain from certain social activities sometimes.

If you are a home owner and do not secure insurance, be it for home, medical or property, if a calamity occurs, you most likely will become a victim of circumstances.

Life is not as it used to be, everything these days come at a cost and sometimes what we earn must be well-spent and wisely. If you do not care to work, or are not prepared to find other ways and means to obtain things legitimately, then you will always be dependent on somebody to give you. You will forever blame the system or your parents for not giving you. But you sometimes have no idea what some people go through to have what they have.

The idea that because you have you should give is sometimes a misconception because who feels it knows it. Sometimes the blame of not having could be your own, because you keep seeing life as one big party that should be enjoyed daily. True, life is meant to be enjoyed, but social habits can sometimes blind you to life’s reality.

The reason why we have so many people selling rum, or drugs, and now guns, is because there are plenty of buyers seeking fun, and not seeing the folly of their behavior. We have to learn to enjoy things moderately, to become conscious, to think down the road and remember at all times to “waste not, want not.”

Today needs a new prospective on life, or if not you will be forever be blaming someone for your predicament, or always feel that the Government or your parents are not doing enough to deal with your plight.

So, self-control and environmental awareness is crucial in these times because if you snooze you lose.

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