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It is Time to Introduce Goat Racing in Saint Lucia

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We had to be up early in the morning. We had a goat race to go to… We asked the old man confident in the knowledge that he, like every Frenchman, would be an expert. The goats who make the most droppings before the race are likely to do well. An empty goat is faster than a full goat. C’est logique.

The Bible declares that for everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven. Many of us applauded the introduction of Thoroughbred Horse Racing to Saint Lucia when Desert Star Holdings (DSH) introduced it three years ago. We were told that wealthy people from all over the world will grace our shores. All preparations were made, horses were flown in from the United States of America and the stage was set for Horse Racing Fun in the Sun.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic all dreams were shattered, hopefully just for the time being. I must admit, I dreamed of the Hewanorra International Airport filled with executive jets with anxious international and regional guests touching down in glamorous outfits. I was also excited about the fact that on occasions our ladies with their specially designed hats and designer made outfits would have turned out in their full glory. Everyone had dreams that held lots of possibilities. It has not happened yet. However, I am still hopeful that something meaningful will be done with the facilities.

The project was well received by the citizens of Saint Lucia and our mostly risk aversed members of our business community were invited to invest by their participation in owning race horses. That was commendable and gave promise or a new breed of entrepreneurs emerging. Horse racing enthusiasts among us and guests to our shores had their day in the sun for a short while, as COVID 19 limited us to only a couple of races. I was enthusiastic as I attended the first event that was held at the facilities.

Enough mentioned about horse racing in St. Lucia, let us move on to the title of my article “It is time to introduce Goat Racing in Saint Lucia”. Some years ago I was very much involved in promoting the idea of goat racing in Saint Lucia. I made several trips to Tobago at my own expense to investigate the possibility of introducing Goat Racing to our beautiful island. I submitted a document to members of parliament and nothing happened. Maybe I was probably laughed at.

Looking back and setting my imagination ablaze, it could have been a real winner. I am hoping to revisit an earlier article on this subject. Suffice it to mention however, the following benefits that would have been derived from such a project. 1. Farmers to breed/rear Goats. 2. Pride in the ownership of a potential prize winning goat. 3. Full time work for Trainers. 4. Handlers running astride of the goat. (Apart from prizes will be able to maintain physical fitness). 5. Community involvement. 6. Commercial activity from sale of Animal Feed & Gears. Promoters of races across the island with the potential to operate seven days a week. An Entrance Fee will be charged. 8. An added Tourist Attraction. 9. Goat Meat Production when goat is retired. 10. Goat Farming to produce Milk and Meat, etc. Isn’t this attractive enough a venture to warrant some consideration and support from Government? Since wagering is not a subject to be promoted I have not included it in the list of benefits.

Let us give the little man, the type of assistance that will make him feel that he is making a contribution to himself and family, and to the economy. It is time to introduce Goat Racing in Saint Lucia.

COVID 19 and its Variants are still with us. It is time to take the recommendation of our Health Authorities seriously and get vaccinated. Congratulations to those persons who have taken the vaccine. Let us encourage our relatives and friends to do likewise. Help save lives. Adhere to the protocols and stay safe.


Edward Harris
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