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HOLLYWOOD – Spoiling His Name?

Hollywood HP
Hollywood HP

The global pandemic may have slowed many of our Saint Lucian performers down but this entertainer isn’t one of them.

The full-time Deejay, promoter, broadcaster and artiste continues to enjoy the spoils of entertaining the masses locally, regionally and internationally. Day one fans will remember that in his first attempt at Soca music, he not only won the hearts of the people, he also blew away the seasoned competition ultimately winning the National Soca Monarch.

He continues to remind us that success doesn’t just happen overnight, much hard-work, some risks(intelligent ones) and sacrifices had to be made. Paying close attention to the young “spoiler” and it’s clear that these sacrifices continue to be made and is attributed to the many successes he continues to enjoy.

Since the unceremonious end to the entertainment industry two years ago as a result of COVID-19, the release of new music in all genres save for the Dennery Segment has been far and few between.

Hollywood HP will not pretend that he wasn’t adversely affected by the global pandemic, however, he was adamant it wouldn’t be a defining factor in his career. During the downtime, Hollywood ensured that folks would be entertained via his nightly live stream sessions which were often accompanied with a theme and as the industry attempted to rebound from the COVID shock, he introduced a new and safe way to party with his Sa Ka Fete Brunch events.

As the island’s entertainment industry steadily readjusts, the much-anticipated announcement of Saint Lucia carnival was all the signal needed for Hollywood to present Soca lovers with a new banger.

“Spoiling Me Name” sees Hollywood HP paired on the Spaceman Riddim (produced by Diamond ”Drillz International” Peters & Mr Legz for YTM Recordz) with Mr. Legz. From the introduction the evidence is clear that the two have successfully captured the very essence of a party goer, especially one who has been without a proper release avenue for the past two years.

A guaranteed anthem, “Spoiling Me Name” tends to describe how the “partiers” will enjoy themselves this summer. It is a welcome change to the doom and gloom and constant uncertainty that many have been subjected since the news of a pandemic broke out.

This is the one time where spoiling something is actually a good thing, and, trust Hollywood HP to be at the center of it all.

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