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Vieux Fort Health Fair Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Practices

Residents of Vieux-Fort were granted the opportunity to receive valuable information on kidney health and ways to ensure overall good health. The Ministry of Health recently held a health fair at the Vieux-Fort Wellness Centre aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle practices.

Speaking with Nutritionist Fadia Campbell about the undertaking of the health promotion activity, she showed that the initiative was meant to encourage a healthier lifestyle throughout the population.

“Today we really encourage the clients to adopt healthy lifestyle practices by reducing their sodium, their salt intake from processed foods, packaged foods and from packaged seasonings. We have an exhibition at the back of the room where we are promoting locally grown foods, particularly the seasonings that can be used instead of the processed and packaged ones.”

Campbell also reiterated the importance of educating people on changing dietary habits to improve their health.

“Another motivating factor that had us plan this activity today is to delay the complications of chronic kidney disease, particularly for persons with diabetes and high blood pressure. We really want to delay that process. The cost is exorbitant and some patients can not afford to pay for dialysis sessions. So, therefore this was a motivating factor, in addition to fostering and promoting healthy lifestyle practices.”

Participant of the health fair Anthony Bellas said he was very pleased to be part of this activity and hopes other citizens can be given the opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyles.

“It is fortunate for me to be at this particular session. I am very impressed and very impressed with the display of the fruits and vegetables. I think the Ministry of Health should have these sessions on a continuous basis and might have to consider taking them in the various districts throughout the island.”

The health fair provided the residents with information on kidney health, medication for kidney disease, life on dialysis and dietary advice and nutrition. – Fernelle Neptune

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