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Dental Services Unit Facilitates Donation Drive to Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home

The Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home welcomed the donation of supplies, groceries and dental treatments for its residents.

As part of its oral health activities, the Dental Services Unit within the Ministry of Health recently visited the Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home and provided dental treatment to the residents of the facility.

Senior Dental Surgeon in the Ministry of Health Dr. Shery Ephraim-Le Compte says she is very pleased that the unit can provide this service to the elderly.

“This is the beginning of a lot more to come now that Elderly Affairs is associated with the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs. This is the launch, this is the beginning of a series of activities that the Dental Services Unit will be conducting throughout the year.

We hoping to replicate this venture at all of the other elderly homes.” Minister for Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste praised the initiative and says he looks forward to seeing more activities of this kind.

“I am very pleased and happy to be here this morning with you and I continue to say it is activity like this one which brings me the greatest pleasure because it is always good to see you continue to do work in the field, in the communities. I know you have been doing it but I really love the way you are focused.  You have recognised without anyone prodding you that we have ‘Elderly Affairs’ in our ministry now and right away you jumped on board to focus on oral hygiene at the elder care homes.”

Manager of the Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home Nadia St. Ange says she is extremely grateful for the donation and gesture and says it will help tremendously.

“I take it as a gesture of a welcome to the Ministry of Health and it is greatly appreciated. It is timely and necessary and we thank you the partnering companies, Peter and Company Distribution and Millennium Heights Medical Complex for your donations and gifts. Each will be used to help spiritually, emotionally or nutritionally to benefit our residents.”

The Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home received donations of supplies from the Millennium Heights Medical Complex, Peter and Company Distribution and other organisations.

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