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SLP Calls On Leader of Opposition to Condemn UWP Supporters’ Slanderous Allegations

The Saint Lucia Labour Party has released a statement on certain allegations made against the sitting M.P. for Micoud North, Hon. Jeremiah Norbert.

The statement reads, the Saint Lucia Labour Party notes the latest allegations surfacing on social media platforms accusing the Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North of organizing an assault on Marvin Charles on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

The Party wishes to inform the people of Saint Lucia that these accusations are entirely false and by all indications, made to deliberately tarnish the integrity of Hon. Jeremiah Norbert.

This opposition tactic is derogatory and threatens the future of politics in our country. It is disheartening that the United Workers Party and its operatives, particularly the Untedpac Saint Lucia Facebook page managers, would go to such an extreme. Furthermore, continuing this callousness can have a long-term social impact on Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians, particularly among the youth.

For this reason, the SLP calls on the leader of the Opposition and the UWP to immediately condemn this action and encourage its supporters to cease from engaging in these false accusations.

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  1. You SLP are the last one to call for slanderous condemnation by anyone.
    Did you condemn the action of your Castries SE candidate when he went in the church to attack Guy Joseph, did you condemn your supporter who ask to place bombs under the seats of PM Chastanet and Guy Joseph. Y’all hypocrisy are to damn daunting.

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