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Jamaican Fugitive wanted in Saint Lucia for Murder Escapes Again

Jamaican fugitive, Orville Purnell, who had successfully escaped police custody at the Babonneau Police Station in October 2020 and fled to Jamaica has once again slipped through the fingers of law enforcement.

Jamaican fugitive, Orville Purnell
Jamaican fugitive, Orville Purnell

Reports from Jamaica suggest that the fugitive, who was awaiting extradition to Saint Lucia escaped from the Central Police lock-up on Wednesday, December 1. He had been in custody in his native land since his arrest in July 2021.

Purnell, made headlines in Saint Lucia after he was able to saw the bars of the cell and make good his escape.

The Jamaican criminal was charged on Thursday, October 8, 2020, for causing the death Cleus Alfred.” Alfred, 27, was killed on August 25 in Gros Islet. His body was found along a roadside in a pool of blood. Purnell is also wanted for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, and escaping custody.

A massive manhunt to return the criminal behind bars has been launched by members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force.

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  1. As my Chinees friend would say, ”someting wong” all I can say is Hudini is long dead. Is it to be assumed that some heavy duty ‘Bling’ slipped by. Is he heading back here to finish the job? in the world of St. Lucia today, too many things going ‘Wong’. Who would ever know, who supplied the saw, who was on duty that night, who facilitated the transport and for how much? Hope he tells all if he ever arrives.( Lord I’m tired of worrying over St. Lucia, Lord do something for us soon).

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