RCI and NWU in Talks

The Management of Radio Caribbean International, led by Ms. V. Tamara Gibson, met with officials of the National Workers Union (NWU) last week.

The industrial conversation, which took place virtually, gave the National Workers Union the opportunity to discuss representational issues confronting workers of that media house who are members of the NWU.

The company said it was unaware that the workers were members of the National Workers Union and would prefer some guidance from the Labour Commissioner. On this count the NWU submitted the Recognition Certificate from the Department of Labour which legitimized the representational claim made by the union on behalf of the workers.

Since then, Labour Commissioner, Ms. Cornelia Jn Baptiste has informed the company, that a Recognition Certificate held by the NWU was never revoked. The Union will now present proposals to the company which will be used as a base for industrial negotiations between Radio Caribbean International and the National Workers Union.

Radio Caribbean International is one of the oldest media houses on island.

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