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Communications Officer in Hot Water after Voicenote goes Viral

Communications Officer at the Department of Infrastructure, Miguel Fevrier, has found himself in hot water after an explicitly laced voice note of him threatening to kill and have persons visit an acquaintance for $350.00, was widely circulated via social media and popular messaging platforms BiP and Whatsapp.

Miguel Fevrier

In the voice note, Fevrier is heard profanely demanding the cash he paid for a high-end mobile phone and adding an extra $150.00 to the sum as he was made to wait for the money for too long.

On Sunday morning, Fevrier sought to clear the air during a Facebook Live session, where he issued an apology to persons who had heard the exchange and proceeded to explain why he had “stooped to the level” of the individual at the receiving end of his verbal onslaught.

The individual, someone Fevrier admitted to meeting a few years ago while working as a reporter with MBC had stayed in sporadic contact with him. Fevrier says in mid-October of this year he was contacted about a possible loan for $150.00 to clear a mobile phone which he declined.

However, a subsequent voice note by the individual to Fevrier informing him of a Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra that was ordered specifically for the Communications Officer would see the exchange of $350.00 being made.

According to the Communications Officer, the $350.00 was the amount he was made to believe would be sufficient to clear the device from Customs, however, it became apparent to him that he was scammed by the individual who had promised to deliver the high-end mobile phone after the individual failed to deliver or numerous occasions.

Fevrier who consequentially regretted sending the message revealed that he was at his wits’ end in trying to recover his money after weeks of reaching out to the individual to make good on his promise.  He conceded that the threat came from a place of anger and was idle. The persons, whom he declared would find the individual were in fact members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force as according to him, a report was made before the threat.

The 30 minutes Live came to an end after Fevrier received a phone call which he informed viewers was someone needing to get to the hospital.


  1. Really now! This can’t be real. A man who was convicted in a court of law and jailed for stealing other people’s money? It is said that the amount involved was in the thousands. But he will now be so enraged by someone scamming him out of $350.00? Give me a break, somebody! Miguel have you forgotten that Lady Karma is alive and well? I can also say with assurance that you have many more losses to come. That’s the way karma works!
    On another note: wasn’t there a stipulation that convicted criminals could not be a part of the public service? I recall that any public servant who was arrested for a criminal offense was suspended, pending the outcome of the matter. If the person was convicted by the Court, he or she was automatically dismissed. So how does a convicted criminal end up being hired into the said Public Service? Does political payback override the Public Service rules/laws?

    1. It is because the rules are for only one set of people. Others can do as they please with impunity. In St Lucia it is about whom you know. Go figure!

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