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Warning to the Greedy: Too Late Shall Be Your Cry!

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By Carlton Ishmael

“Thy” will be done?” Or is it “Your” will be done? The way things are going on in this world today makes we wonder if God has any part in Man’s will.

My questions: Have you fulfilled his purpose for you being given the breath of life, or have you deserted his glory or not given thought to your role to share, to give, to teach or to pass on, to be kind or forgiving?  Has your quest for wealth, or material needs, blared your judgement? Do you ever think of your Soul? Or the legacy you will leave behind? How you will be remembered? Or, how quickly you will be forgotten?

More questions: Can you or have you made a difference in your life? Or the life of others? Do you attend to the needs of the needy? Is it or was it always about you, or did you take time to consider His will? Will you take all that you have accomplished, or acquired, with you when your time comes to depart this earth? Have you made this life better for those who will come after you have left this earth?

In fact, I dare to ask: Who are you living for?

I ask all these questions not because I am holier than thou, but because so few seem to care. Things are so rough and scruffy in these times that I hear and notice the conditions that some people live in, I see the hunger and i hear the cries of the many, and yet I still also see the lavish lifestyles of the few who care not for the many. Some earn thousands, even millions, and yet despite how much blessings that have been bestowed upon them, still shut their eyes, or turn a blind eye.

Remember the quotation “Live for others you will live again, but live for yourself you will live in vain.” There has been no graver time in past history like now, to my recollection. So much death surrounds us, so much sickness, so much poverty, so much suffering, and yet the bloody capitalists keep (like the British would say) bleeding this nation. Those who have keep looking for more, while those who can help pretend not to notice.

If it is God’s will that we perish, so be it. But if we perish because of Man’s selfishness, this is sad. The good book says “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God”, but it seems more and more like “Man’s Kingdom” and to him this seeking of more riches means more than seeking or living with righteousness.

Again I ask: What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul? With all the education and consciousness that we have achieved and acquired? Is it not fitting to serve God and do His will, rather than live a selfish and “I don’t care” type of life?

This nation is hemorrhaging, people are in dire need, help is greatly needed, yet so little is done, especially by Corporate St. Lucia. The utility companies give little, service providers keep jacking-up prices and worldwide, inclusive of this island, politicians amass wealth and keep taxing the people through oppressive laws.

Lord, put a hand because we the people are burdened and I see no sight of relief now or in the foreseeable future. Even church leaders seek more and give little comfort to the needy and rather than feed the poor, they offer only words. But they too will have to answer at the time of their judgement.

I pity those who do not see the light and I am saddened by what most people have become and I hope that the people who endured and perished find eternal peace.

Remember that vanity and the pleasures of life will all come to pass, because nothing last forever — and not even you, me or us. Amen

As for those who think that they are in charge, I simply want to quote the popular Bajan spouge song to say to them: ‘Too late shall be your cry!”

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