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15.4 Percent of Population Inoculated

FIFTEEN percent of Saint Lucians are fully vaccinated from the coronavirus, a number that both the health and political directorates say is too low seeing that there is no shortage of vaccines on island to fight the virus.

“The priority of our new government has been to provide much needed additional support to the arms of the public health system, which manage COVID-19 directly. We have commenced actions to improve the conditions at the Respiratory Hospital to ensure compassionate quality of care,” noted a release from the Ministry of Health earlier this week.

So far eight Cuban physicians, Internal Medical Specialists and Intensive Care Specialists to provide clin-ical support to severe and critical patients in care have been successfully registered. Work is ongoing in an effort to increase the nursing complement at the Respiratory Hospital.

“We are hoping to get the services of the Mobile Unit to increase access at the community level. We will continue to provide the vaccine free of charge at the level of the community,” stated the Ministry.

“We need to increase the percentage of people who are vaccinated and continue to advise the public to take the vaccine to keep us and our families safe. We continue working with various stakeholders and sectors to strengthen their processes and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on their employees and the public. As we approach another weekend, we appeal to the public to take personal responsibility to safeguard health and wellbeing of their family and community,” stated the Ministry.

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