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SLP: “We Are Ready”

Image of Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre.
Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has welcomed the July 26 date for general elections, taking to its official Facebook page to announce its readiness for the upcoming political battle.

“Finally! July 26, 2021. We are ready! Saint Lucians, we are ready to serve!” the Facebook post declared:

The SLP has been highly critical of the UWP administration’s track record, and in a nation-wide televised appearance, opposition leader Philip J. Pierre again took the government to task, citing among other concerns the government’s ineptitude, misplaced priorities and victimization.

“As their term closes, Saint Lucia’s economy is the worst performer of the independent member states of the OECS, according to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank,” he noted.

Stating that the poor performance was not solely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pierre declared: “COVID merely further exposed the poor economic decisions that they had been making.”

The SLP leader reiterated that the government’s handling of health infrastructure and health care was of low priority and thus those issues contributed to the country having the highest COVID infections and mortality rates in the OECS.

He said the situation was so poorly handled that Saint Lucia has more than the combined totals of OECS member states.

While proposing the establishment of an ‘inclusive state’ to better cater to the needs of the citizenry, especially in these challenging times , Pierre invited voters to join the SLP in rescuing and rebuilding Saint Lucia, its people and its institutions.

“Join Team Labour where we will put the interest of Saint Lucians and Saint Lucia first,” the Castries East MP stated.

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