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Saint Lucia retains Tier Two in Human Trafficking 2020 global ranking

The Department of Home Affairs and National Security is pleased that Saint Lucia has retained its Tier Two place in the global ranking of the 2020 Trafficking In Persons report. Permanent Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey has pledged that the Department will continue to diligently undertake its Trafficking In Persons (TIP) work programme.

The Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report was released by the US Department of State, which is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the annual report.

The report highlights the continuing COVID-19 crisis which is reported to have vastly increased the social and economic vulnerabilities of people. These vulnerabilities may provide fertile conditions for increased grooming, recruitment and exploitation of unsuspecting victims particularly women and girls.

Governments are being encouraged by the US Department of State to devote more resources to prevention, protection and prosecution in efforts to both suppress and punish the crime of trafficking in human persons.

The public is urged to report any suspected cases of Trafficking In Persons to the Police by calling the toll free, 24-hour hotline 847.

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