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Pierre: “King Left And Joined Us”

“AND now Stephenson King left and joined us”

These words by opposition leader Philip J Pierre unleashed a tidal wave of discussion on social media that is still going on today with both Pierre and King providing updates as to what these words truly meant.

Image of Philip J Pierre
Opposition leader Philip J Pierre

“Stephenson King has not joined the Labour Party. I never said he joined the Labour Party. I said Stephenson King, like Vaughn Lewis, like Morella Joseph joined us. Morella Joseph never joined the Labour Party. You see it’s the panic in the UWP that’s why they reacted. What I meant by ‘us’ and I’ve been calling for that all the time—if you look at all my statements, my convention speeches, when I’ve spoken at virtual meetings, when I’ve spoken to the press, I’ve called for inclusion, I’ve never called for joining the party because I believe Saint Lucia has reached a stage where all men of goodwill must find a way to improve the life and conditions in Saint Lucia,” Pierre said.

“Saint Lucia is facing a crisis; a crisis of people, a crisis in the economy, a crisis that will come onto us in a heap at some point so all I ask for is to join the forces against corruption, against bad governance, against victimization that’s what I said. I never said he joined the Labour Party, Stephenson King has not joined the Labour Party,” Pierre said, as a way of clarifying his earlier comment.

King said he heard Pierre’s statement but downplayed it as men in politics saying anything on seeing a crowd of people, and getting excited as a result.

“I heard Mr. Pierre’s explanation through a statement put out in the media. I’ve heard Mr. Leo Clark who I believe is the General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Labour Party also make a statement. But one thing I can say to the Saint Lucian public is that I have never ever applied for membership to the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I do not have pending any application to the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I have no intention of applying for membership to the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I enter this race on this occasion as a free agent, as an independent candidate, independent to serve the people in their interest and I would hope that no one should misconstrue what the gentleman has said and I believe he has taken responsibility for his statement, for there is no application before the Saint Lucia Labour Party for a membership of their party,’ King said.

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  1. Sooooo, what you’ll are saying is Pierre is a lier.. regardless of the spin he is trying to spin. Even King downplayed it as a politician playing to the crowds. Politicians should be held accountable for what they say and their actions.

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