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Pandemonium for Nomination Day — Gallery

Political Party and independent candidate supporters from around the island today accompanied their candidates of choice to their respective nomination centers ensuring that come election day, their names will be placed on the ballot paper.

It was pandemonium all over again as Nomination Day mimicked much of the recently shunned island-wide motorcades and although numbers following the trucks were smaller, the revelry in and around the city of Castries sort to test the might of the dreaded COVID-19 virus.

A few candidates took matters into their own hands and were heard over the loudspeakers encouraging the use of masks while thanking the faithful for their unwavering support.

Candidates will be hoping that come July 26th, 2021, their relentless campaigning, virtually and in-person, would have done enough to win over the voting populace.

As of press time, it appears that everyone were able to make the noon deadline for nomination, although our news desk was reliably informed that one candidate, barely made.


  1. Stephenson King is just one of these stupid politicians who watch many self-destruct and he turns around as if he cannot help himself and does the same thing…He saw corruption only in 2021? He needs to grow up and be mature. He is a kid whose marble got stolen…

  2. It is very sad to see a grown man allow himself to be fooled by one such as R.F.
    That man of so much low character, a failed and once fired politician, who planned
    the whole fiasco, and now lel,s see how that plays out. King is a dud, a failed and sad
    fellow – he never grew up, really – don,t know if he ever will, such pity. But there is
    another one, simply because of certain shades which he has displayed, during his
    period of time as Consulate General in the U.K. revealed the type of guy he is, and
    I would not want to see him holding any Ministry in any Government, where Contracts
    are in play .The good name of this ROCK must be preserved for development.
    We are still the envy of Tourists World wide, so let it be. God bless St.Lucia mightily.

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