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My Message for Monday: Just Vote Well…

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By Carlton Ishmael

By next week Monday night, we will all know who won the race. We will know if money won over the spirit of the people. We will all know what direction this country will take and have a clear insight into the future.

What’s amazing to me, is how people — if they support a party — will close their minds to anything negative about their party. It is also baffling how we accept the words of political hopefuls, without checking on their past records.

We see nothing wrong with our lands being sold to foreigners at nothing prices with hundred-year leases and nothing wrong with a chain of broken promises. We accept all that is thrown down our throats. Wow! Who will guard the guards?  Do we seek solutions, or are we satisfied with the current state of our affairs? Are we pleased with our health care system? Do we accept that the Southern people have been duped? Do we see satisfaction in all that the Government has done, or is not doing?

We accept the so-called ‘Belrose Doctrine’ without query, we accept the divide by pleasing only one sector of our society. We accept the police and judicial statements on crime and go with the flow with no condemnation. We feel good of persons in high places getting fat salaries and not delivering.

If so, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have no backbone, we care only for ourselves, and it matters not who can’t fend for themselves.

If that is the way we have become, then very soon, it may be that any counter opinions will not be cherished or accepted in our society, or seen in the intended light.

I am worried about how we do nothing, care less and make no demands on our politicians. If we continue in this way, I am afraid the future will remain bleak. The politicians of today must be made to take stock of their actions, they must see things more nationalistic and we  have to call a spade a spade and stop accepting a six for a nine.

Party hacks should be screened and put in check, motives have to be defined and they should not be allowed to continue to muddy the waters, the right persons must be assigned to the right jobs, because if things remain as is after Monday, then “crappo smoke our pipe…”

If we do see a change after this election, we have to demand a new form of governance; and if the incumbents remain, I would like to know what will be their theme after the next five years.

Will it be “Only we can get things done” and “Any changes will not be good for progress” – or, in other words, “Flambeau or nothing!”

So, it all depends on what happens on Monday and by next weekend I will have enough on my plate to choose which topic to munch on…

In the meantime, I must admit: I am worried, as per usual, for my country’s future, which lies in the hands of too many who don’t give a damn if Monday falls on Tuesday…

Until then, stay safe – and on Monday, Vote Well!

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  1. On this sacred day of the multitude of St. Lucians in the valley of decision; to elect a Prime Minister and representatives worthy of executing RIGHTEOUSNESS in the island;

    Persons-worthy of establishing JUSTICE, JUDGEMENT, TRUTH and EQUITY among the downtrodden people of St.Lucia:

    Sons and daughters of the soil who are zealous to live in a hut to return KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING to our people; robbed and spoiled of their rights: and property:

    Valiant sons and daughters of the soil who are strong to take ten steps back look for the good paths our ancestors taught us; return triumphantly with the holy grail of COMPASSION and KINDNESS and invite the people to partake in a HOLY COMMUNION of REDEMPTION..

    On this day of decision for voters of St. Lucia, may they be guided by the HOLY lights of TRUTH, HONESTY and SINCERITY as they cast their ballots for the revival of the SOUL of St. Lucia.

    May GOD BLESS our island home in this venture.

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