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King’s Resignation Worst Keep Secret In St. Lucia, Chastanet

Prime Minister and Leader of the United Workers Party Allen Chastanet yesterday confirmed that Stephenson King resigned from both the party and as Minister for Infrastructure.

Chastanet yesterday told reporters that he was surprised and at the same time not surprised at the move by King to cut ties with the party.

“I was like many other people surprised but not surprised. We all know that this has probably been the worst kept secret in Saint Lucia and I want to say that we approached Minister King on several occasions to address this issue of which he denied that there was anything afoot,” Chastanet said.

According to Chastanet he last met with King Sunday past in which none of the things King expressed on television was expressed to him.

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“In fact, that meeting was followed with a television show in which Minister King and Minister Ezechiel Joseph and I spoke about the need for resilience in our country, I think it was almost a two-hour show. There was no indication at that point. I also want to say that some people called it a betrayal to the United Workers Party, I don’t. This is a betrayal to the people of Saint Lucia,” Chastanet said.

He thanked King for his contributions to the party and to the country.

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  1. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.: James 1 : 8.

    After five years of seemingly uncertainty, tells you a lot about the character or mindset
    of a person. So now, you,ve made your move, live with it. Not too many people were buying it.

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