Endorsements Pour in For King

Stephenson King is having a roller coaster ride over his decision to quit the United Workers Party (UWP) and contest Monday’s general elections as an independent candidate as Saint Lucians both vilify and praise him for the move.

Stephenson King (PHOTO: PhotoMike]
Stephenson King (PHOTO: PhotoMike]

However this division among King supporters has not prevented some notable individuals from publicly endorsing his departure from the UWP, claiming that such a move was good for democracy but a rather brave thing to do, knowing that the backlash to follow would be intense and unforgiving.

Image of Adrian Augier
Dr. Adrian Augier

Independent Senator Dr. Adrian Augier was one of those who took to television to express his support for King stating that the former UWP member deserves credit for recognizing that he was at a political and philosophical crossroad.

“I think he deserves credit for being brave enough to make this life-changing decision. Many of us would lack the courage to do that knowing the backlash to follow. We would have stuck with what we know, however bad that is, rather than take a leap of faith not knowing if there would be ground beneath our feet or wind beneath our wings,” Augier said.

According to Augier, party politics has overrun every facet of Saint Lucian life, dividing families, communities and organizations with its corrosive corrupting poison.

“People you expect to be brave, people you expect to be outspoken, honest and fair have surrendered their souls to the party they support and which supports them. Larger principles of good governance, good government, national development, social justice, fundamental freedoms have all been sacrificed on that altar,” he added.

Augier challenged Saint Lucians on where they stand in relation to the type of politics and governance in the country today.

“Where do we stand? When will we say enough is enough? Do we condemn him (King) because his action defies our expectations and causes us discomfort?” Augier asked, complimenting King for showing Saint Lucians that “we can break the stranglehold of the two-party system. Thank you sir for proving that there is still room for independent thinking, for other views, other voices, and other pathways to deepening our democracy.”

Rufus Bousquet, a former minister under Sir John Compton and UWP member also endorsed the move made by King stating that King broadened the options within Saint Lucia’s political space.

“I think that is a very healthy thing for our democracy and it will start taking people away from the idea I’m UWP or I’m Labour or whatever the case,” Bousquet said.

ECONOMIST Dr. Claudius Preville
ECONOMIST Dr. Claudius Preville

Dr. Claudius Preville, who once challenged Allen Chastanet for the leadership of the UWP, also endorsed King’s actions, noting that King is the only living example of what Flambeau used to be in this country.

“I endorse him because I know of the suffering he has gone through personally in the party in the last five years. I endorse Stephenson King because Stephenson King represents the only hope for Saint Lucia. The honourable Stephenson King has suffered and endured a lot of rebuke and embarrassment in this party and he suffered all this for your sake. You know why? Because you are his constituents. He was representing your interests and he went through all this ridicule at the hands of the UWP,” Preville said.

Michael Pilgrim
Michael Pilgrim

Endorsing King this week was former Interim Prime Minister Michael Pilgrim who described King as an astute, honest and hardworking individual.

“Sir John Compton left the country with a sound economic base and in the capable hands of a successor who was well-schooled in governance under his leadership. He chose someone who is not arrogant, conceited, haughty or revolting. Sir John wanted a successor who is sincere, genuine and humble, one who is not selfish and greedy; one who is not corrupt. He wanted to choose a person who would be accepted by the Saint Lucian public and who the people loved. This gentleman was no other than the Honourable Stephenson King,” Pilgrim said.

He admitted that he was very critical of King during his stint as Prime Minister because of “his immense tolerance of the behaviour of certain ministers who applied unjustified pressure on him at times. I advised him to relieve those ministers of their respective portfolios. My criticism of King then was for his benefit and that of the country.”

“I just do not understand how Stephenson King could live through those last five years suffering pain, humiliation and disrespect that was meted out to him by the leader of the government,” Pilgrim said.

He described King as one who is truly patriotic and said that King cares for his constituency and most of all, puts people first. Other individuals of standing in the community also backed King.


  1. Dr. Augier, Dr. Preville and Michael Pilgrim are all intoxicated with the same hemlock. What is Stephenson King entitled to that no one else is entitled to? If we can belong to an organization only because we can only be its leader, we are not qualified to be part of it. George Odlum felt the same way and he lived to regret it. No one did anything to Stephenson King except when he led the party to defeat in 2011, the people (democracy at work) chose another leader. The three of you are reinforcing the very same thing that you appear to be condemning. The move that Mr. King made is about Mr. King. PERIOD!!!

  2. I am not at least surprised, after seeing what is going on in the U.S. I fear the same can very well happen in St. Lucia. There are people in this world, for what ever reason just want to be, or want to show they are different. By so doing with University Degrees to their names, assume only to them selves, an air com-dignitate with their chest pumped up with pride. They are those, bearing frustrations that another lesser mortal is at the Helm. Just see what,s happening in the States. I don,t want to mention names today, but you know who they are. If I were to feel disgruntled for not having achieved the utmost Target in my life, I would spend time with the Shrink, but I do have one who I consult with daily, and most times, hourly, He never fails. The pride, the Lust for power, the Strongholds that bind you, both Soul and Body, I have learned in life to overcome. I fear for some of these men, if they don,t let it go, it will destroy them, sadly both mentally and Physically. I will sleep well tonight because I can envisage the outcome. I urge everyone to pray, thanking The Father & The Son for His love and safety for the Nation – ONE FAMILY – be good and God Bless.

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