Caribbean Ties Exhibition – A Connected People, Then and Now

THE joint committee of the Saint Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society and the Parish of Holy Trinity Parish (SAHS/HTC) and the organizing committee members of the Caribbean Ties exhibition met with officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Events Saint Lucia, NTN and the Cultural Development Foundation on an important site visit at the Anglican School Annex last week.

The site visit was organized primarily to finalize all of the site arrangements to ensure a successfully organized and managed event during the month of August. Tourism officials have already announced and envisioned scope for the inclusion of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1830) its Cemetery (1830), the Anglican school Annex “Top School” (1916) in the embrace and portrayal as “heritage touristic tours in the city”, – being the recognizable older if not oldest building(s) in Castries (if not Saint Lucia).

Anglican school Annex getting a facelift.
Anglican school Annex getting a facelift.

The Caribbean Ties Exhibition will be launched with an opening ceremony Sunday 1st August at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church from 4.00 p.m. The exhibition is scheduled to be open for viewing for the entire month ending 31st August between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-500 p.m. each day.

The exhibition which is free, to all patrons, is geared to stimulate the consciousness of school children including summer school students and the wider public and visitors who are interested in the historical affairs of Saint Lucia.

The Leiden University of the Netherlands and the Saint Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society have collaborated with the Parish of Holy Trinity Anglican church in creating the environment to host such an event at this time.

Several other partnering agencies such as the Saint Lucian Government, St Lucia National Archives, ICAR, the National Reparation Committee, Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre, Indian Heritage UWI Open Campus and the Saint Lucia National Trust have all been working together during the last few months in spite of the challenges posed by COVID-19. The private sector – 1st National Bank and Peter and Company have also taken the opportunity to be engaged in such an event.

The Caribbean Ties Exhibition will also feature a varied cultural package to enliven the exhibition.

Several lectures are also organised for the month of August which coincides with the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) Emancipation Month and continue with Heritage Month programme later in October and which will be announced at a later date.

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