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Campaigners Warned that COVID is Still Here!

In a statement from the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association membership, the message was clear and precise, “get vaccinated”.

The membership urged Saint Lucians to join the fight after observing with grave concern and trepidation “the significant increase in mass crowd campaign events around the island.”

Campaigning by parties on both sides has left the members worried about a possible spike as according to the SLMDA “the large majority of attendees are generally not wearing masks or are wearing them inappropriately.”

“We would like to remind you our fellow citizens, that we are living through a pandemic. COVID-19 IS STILL HERE. As of July 10, there are 120 active cases here in Saint Lucia. The highly contagious and potentially deadly Delta variant, has been identified in several neighbouring territories and is the predominant strain in. our main tourism source markets.”

Only 12% of our population is fully vaccinated which means that as a country, citizens are still very vulnerable to COVID-19 and another surge in the number of cases could be catastrophic, in that our healthcare system will be overwhelmed and many more precious lives could be lost.

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