Lucian Footballers on Trial Run with Portmore

By Reginald Andrew

In its continued efforts to help players develop their skills—the St Lucia Football Association [SLFA] has been instrumental in assisting two of its professional athletes to aspire for higher levels.

The young professionals are currently making a bid to compete in the Jamaica Football League.

Alvinus Myers and Javick Mac. Farlane are currently on a three-month trial run with the Portmore Club, in Jamaica.

Javick Mac. Farlane

Myers last played for Trinidadian giants’ W Connection, in the TT PRO League, during the last season 2019/2020. Prior to this, the 24-year-old wing defender was a member of FC Platinum and Uptown Rebels, from Vieux Fort, St. Lucia; and also played for the Barbados Soccer Academy, in Barbados.

Myers made his senior debut for the St. Lucia National Team in 2017 and he has 16 International caps so far. He has also represented his country at U17, U20 and U23 levels.

Mac Farlane, 24 has played for Uptown Rebels and Platinum FC in the Vieux Fort Football League, before taking up a professional contract with Caledonia, in the TT Pro League.

SLFA President Lyndon Cooper disclosed that as part of the MOU signed with Portmore; the SLFA would pay the salaries of the two players, in the interim, for a three-month period.

He asserted that this is “all part of the Strategic Development Program implemented for the Snr. National Team.”

Added Cooper: “They are good players and I have lots of faith in them to do well.”

Assessing the ability of the two players, SLFA Technical Director, Ces Podd says, the future ‘looks bright’ for the young athletes.

“When I first saw him play, I thought he could play at a higher level,” said Podd. “I thought of the players we had at that time, he was one that I always thought could play professional football.  Because he had all the basic skills, he is an (overall) athlete and he is passionate about the game,” Podd said about Myers

Alvinus Myers

According to Podd, Myers made his international senior professional debut at age 19, “which is always a good thing because they’re playing with other elite players,   the challenge is greater and I feel they learn quicker.”

Podd also gave his take on Mac Farlane’s potential as a player:

“He is very quick, makes good runs …and he get goals, he scores goals for the senior team,” added Podd. “He is a skillful and witty player, he takes on opponents and his decision making is good, so I feel he will do well.”

However, he says, “But Mac farlane has to be playing more regular at an elite level, so I’m glad that he’s got that opportunity.”

The Technical Director declared:  “He is one of the players that gets into good positions…and I feel that they’ve got a player who is quite versatile in the front line.”

Focusing on Mac Farlane’s asset as an offensive player, Podd added,   “He would be one of the first names on the team’s sheet, in terms of forwards and he has played in most of the last set of national games that we’ve played.

“Particularly, at this age now, they need to be out there playing regular high level football.”

The players too, were equally pleased to be undertaking this challenge, as a potential step towards a brighter career.

Myers said, “The training has been intense, working within a group of intelligent players with talent …and learning different facets of the game.”

On the importance of this trial run in his professional build up, he added:  “It is an opportunity to play with a ‘big club’ and playing for this club will help me grow as a good player.

“As a defender, I can help the club win trophies as they have young talented players in the team.”

While acknowledging the input from the SLFA, he said, “I really appreciate what the FA has put in for me and the link they have established for me to pursue a potential professional contract with Portmore.”

Mac. Farlane is optimistic of his prospects and says that he has been putting in some impressive performances, during the trials and practise matches.

“For now, the set of players that I’m playing with, I’m matching their standards,” he said, adding confidently that he feels capable of making a start to the first XI.

On his future aspirations as a professional player, he said: “As a professional footballer, I have to maintain my standard to try and showcase my talent and keep on moving forward.”

Mac Farlane listed some of his strong points in the game as his fitness, speed and composure on the ball all of which makes his game impressive.”

The speedy forward aspires to take his game to a higher level, stating that “I want to play in a higher professional league in the future.”

Portmore Football club was founded about 20 years ago and are top contenders in the Jamaica Football League, having won seven (7) JNPL (Jamaica National Premier League.

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