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We get governments we deserve that reflect ourselves!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

We have heard the saying ‘The silly season’ — referring to the season just before general elections when political hopefuls would do and say all kind of things to get you to vote them into office.

Sadly enough, sometimes people do believe in the speeches — in what they hear — and take sides and ensure they vote for their chosen candidate and party. But what you hear said or promised may never come to be.

Sitting Governments never see anything wrong with their reign; and if they fall short on promises made previously there is always an excuse, or a good reason, why they did not deliver — especially now since the advent of COVID.

Opposition parties also always ensure they tell the public all that has not been done and was promised, and vow that should they be elected as the next Government, they will or they can make it happen.

The system in the meantime remains rigid with established directors and leaders bent on leaving things as they are and caring little about change.

In my opinion, it is that grouping of planted bosses and managers that’s greatly responsible for the island’s state of negativity. They demand large salaries, make deals to enrich themselves, remain non-productive but they remain to serve and keep ‘The Party’ in power, regardless of some of the bad policies that brought our country into disrepair.

Much happens at higher levels that’s not seen or accepted as criminal behaviour, but it is only the crimes of the lower classes and the ordinary people that are highlighted.

The system has far too many criminals at the top and in leadership roles, but they are protected by ignorance and the ignoring by our people and the loyal blindness that we show, but the real needs and concerns of the people are never dealt with.

The number one concern of this country is the state of crime, but they make it out to be the economic needs. We need real employment opportunities, but the jobs are created for a select few. We have problems with our education system but no relevant changes are made while the cost of goods and services are rising daily, but there are no discounts.

Capitalism is ripe, the service sector is trying to earn and gain more all the time, while all we get at the bottom is the blame and the fines if we do not abide with the laws and rules we are governed by.

We always talk about change, but do not demand it. We criticize daily, but take no action. We always want somebody else to become the sacrificial lamb, and as we wait and we hope we have a whole group of want-to-be ministers and leaders just waiting for another chance to see about their personal affairs, in the name of the people.

We get the government that we deserve as a reflection of ourselves. It seems we are all in the bluff together, seeing no wrong; we care not to deal with facts; we forget quickly; and we have the salted lines to justify our action — like ‘The other party used to do the same’ or ‘There is no difference in the two parties’, yet we don’t welcome a third party or support independent candidates.

Wow! What a drastic situation.

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