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Woman Murdered on Gros Islet Bus Stand

The normal rush on a Saturday morning came to halt after a woman was gunned down at close range shortly before 9:00 a.m.

The gruesome killing occurred in the presence of multiple onlookers, many of them waiting to board a bus.

“She is the lady who normally sanitizes our hands before we get on the bus”, a visibly traumatized commuter told the news desk. “I heard about four shots”, another confirmed as scores of onlookers converged onto the morbid scene.

An investigation into the island’s most brazen murder in recent times has commenced as officials from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force were seen cordoning off the area.


  1. Another day in the life of a mother, a sister or an aunt: – the St. Lucia conundrum
    I would prefer it if someone were to say, ‘what would you like to have for Breakfast’?
    It is becoming too commonplace, early in the morning – BANG BANG BANG – oh my;
    all that and heaven too? and the cost? only tears, that’ll do, thank you. Father God, did you
    hear me cry? awake awake, St.Lucia is suffering, it is one today, another, don’t say, tomorrow?
    Can’t take it no more, something got to give; we need a shaking up, and it does not appear we
    can do it by ourselves: but if you came to do it for us, would it go smoothly? Lord, Lord help us.

  2. the new style: and after sentencing for murder is freedom after 20Y……???
    Our justice system is wrotten and take much to much time until a person is sentenced. Why are our leaders so afraid to reform the justis system ? From one Prime Minister to the next one……..empty promises.

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