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Criminal Charges for Men Throwing Dogs off Cliff

Criminal charges could well be preferred against the men guilty of tossing dogs off a high cliff to kill them.

dog being dragged

Two videos surfaced over the weekend showing two dogs being dragged to the edge of the cliff by a group of young men before being mercilessly tossed down to the rocky bottom.

“Check Dwayne, the man eager to kill the dog” an individual behind the camera is heard saying. A smiling youth volunteers to “throw the dog” and makes good on his request as his accomplice advises that he uses force when discarding the canine.

An attempt to escape by one of the dogs was futile as he was pegged back with a rope, grabbed by the legs and flung off the cliff.

bottom of clif

Under Section 3 part 2 of the Animals Act of Saint Lucia, anyone found ill-treating any animal, abuse, tortures, etc can be arrested and taken before the court for the above-mentioned offences.


  1. Some sick and degenerate mind; if they are the youth who do such, what manner of
    man would they grow up to be? I shudder to think that they were brought up in a home
    with God fearing parents; if this is the St. Lucia of today, and something is not done to stem
    this kind of behavior, well, its all over; the devil that was cast out of Heaven, is alive and well
    and is influencing the minds of all those, found without the ‘Holy Spirit’ within their hearts. A hard
    lesson must be learned: a strong message must be sent by the ‘Courts’. Oh. Jesus, did you hear me?

  2. Yes I thought animals didn’t have rights here I love it send them jail animal cruelty 😭😭😭

  3. Criminal charges could well be preferred? What does this even mean? This is a misleading, poorly written joke of an article. Raise your standards please.

    1. Last time I check ” Dwayne ” is still in school. And I didn’t know him to be that kind of person must had been hanging around bad company……badly influenced 8

  4. Thank you St. Lucia!! I must admit I didn’t think charges would be brought. There is a special Place in hell for these “people.”
    People who abuse/ kill animals have no place in society. Statistics show these individuals are also abusive to humans.

  5. As a young boy, I was sent every Saturday morning for Confession; most, if not all of the
    time, I searched for what I should say. I stopped going when Joe who was just ahead of me
    must have said something which did upset Fr. Gachet (I hope that’s how the name is spelled)
    The Priest stormed out of the Confessional, pulled Joe out and slapped the bejesus out of him
    I was so shocked, from that day on, never went back. Instead, Eldon and I would meet, and go
    walking around good ol’ Castries town, never did anything to upset our God fearing parents. So
    I’m proud to say, I’ve owned many dogs in my time (can’t stand Cats, Allergies of course) prefer
    dogs and cared for them. In these ‘End Times’ we have to be careful who we serve; the Laws of
    God or the laws of the Jungle. We’ll all answer for our deeds in this life. “But’ there is ‘Redemption’.

  6. Dear St. Lucia Voice and community:
    Re. the abuse of dogs reported. I have to agree that your article in follow up should urgently inform as to the consequences for those responsible for this awful act of brutality to animals and that the law in St. Lucia will be applied and even strengthened as a consequence. This is the callous and careless behavior that we sorely need to end across our communities and everywhere. As another said it reflects on what such persons might also meet out in violence otherwise and therefore has to be treated with high priority and seriousness. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

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