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Frederick Warned Against Defaming PM Chastanet

FORMER Housing and Local Government Minister and current talk show host Richard Frederick has been warned by a Court of Law against making certain comments referencing Teo Ah Khing and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet regarding the sale of Saint Lucian passports.

Image of Richard Frederick
Richard Frederick

Further, he has given a promise not to make these comments and that should he default he could be imprisoned, fined or have his assets seized.

An Order to that effect was filed late last month upon a claim that was filed two and a half years ago by the Prime Minister against Mc Dowell Broadcasting Company and Frederick.

The Order was made upon an application by the Prime Minister for committal filed on 7 November 2019 coming on for hearing on zoom.

Court papers obtained by THE VOICE noted thus: “AND UPON HEARING counsel for the claimant (Chastanet) and the defendant (Frederick and Mc Dowell’s Broadcasting Corporation) that the parties have agreed the terms of an undertaking in writing by the 1st defendant (Frederick).

AND UPON THE COURT explaining to the 1st defendant (Frederick) the meaning of the undertaking and the consequence of failing to abide by the terms of the undertaking.

It was agreed that the matter would be adjourned to the Master’s court for case management on a date to be notified to the parties.

According to a penal notice as noted in court documents filed last month, should Frederick not comply with the terms of this Order, proceedings may be commenced against him for contempt of court and that he “may be liable to be imprisoned.”

It appears that Frederick, through his Counsel, on 30 May, 2018 during proceedings before Justice Francis Belle, gave an undertaking to the court to desist from publishing certain words of and concerning the Prime Minister.

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

Chastanet on 7 November, 2019 filed an application for a committal order against Frederick for or in respect of his alleged breach of the said undertaking.

That application for committal came up for hearing on 25 November, 2020 before Justice Kimberly Cenac-Phulgence. Frederick was present in court and was represented by Counsel and gave a further undertaking to the court promising “to desist whether by himself, his servants or agents or otherwise, from publishing” the words as indicated by the court he should not do.

Frederick was also not to make or publish any other statements tending to defame Chastanet. Including but not limited to statements impugning his character, honesty or integrity until after the trial of this action or until further order, and to be bound by these promises until further order.

Court papers indicated that Frederick may be held to be in contempt of court and imprisoned or fined, or his assets may be seized if he breaks the promises he gave to the court.

Frederick signed a document stating that he understood the undertaking he gave and that should he break his promises to the court he may be sent to prison, or fined or his assets may be seized for contempt of court.

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