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Change is the only order for tomorrow, so let’s start today!

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By Carlton Ishmael

NOT too long ago, Humankind worldwide had a particular freedom to live life as we choose. Culturally, we gathered, where and how we pleased, ate and drank as we pleased, stayed out as late as we chose, always doing as we pleased, being in control and believing that we were all in control of our own destiny.

Sadly enough, all that has changed overnight because of a worldwide virus.

The source, its original origin, its purpose and cause, and its presence today everywhere is still being discussed and debated, but its existence has changed everything.

Nowhere on earth has freedom remained the same. It is like all of us are completely controlled by a New World Order, life is dictated from one source and the independent life style we once knew no longer exists.

Now the buzzword is protocol — do as you are told or commanded to do, play by the rules or be marginalized or extracted, or shut-out from the norm. The law of the land is in full effect and you can’t object or react differently. It’s total subjection, with no excuses or means of defense. In other words, all rebellious or independent behavior is curtailed.

Mankind, as we knew it, is now subdued, reduced to being an object, robotic in nature and subjected to rules and control.

Who would have thought that man could have dominion over man like now? It is the time of total submission, a period in history when we are directed and dictated to, and total submission is the order of the day.

While some are subjected to being ordered and controlled, there are those, especially in high command, who use this opportunity to oppress and keep all their subjects in check. They have great power, are totally in control and free to do as they please, with world power to carry out that mandate.

All of us are subjected to follow, we cannot object or reject and we are now in retreat, having come to the realization that we have new Gods on Earth, people with ultimate power and authority — who can dictate our destiny.

So, it is a modern-day form of slavery, a time of total subjection and absence of freedom, a time when we are reduced to being controlled and dictated to, when freedom is gone and only The Almighty can put a hand, the same one so many people rejected and marginalized and discarded and thought had no power. So, to God be the glory, or we perish in this man-made world.

But if by chance we survive this period, or moment in history, we need to change our thinking and purpose, because without a new presence of God in our lives, Woe be unto all mankind.

This period in time also gives us a chance to see the true colors of our leaders and fellowmen and to reassess our friends and families, our employment choice, our destiny, our direction; it is the time of deep thought, to consider if we are on the right path, as this moment will dictate our future for ever and ever, Amen.

We now have new needs, new worries, new concerns and need new direction. We cannot take life for granted any more, we have to tread more carefully. We need new faith, we need more realistic change, we need food and means to obtain it.

Money is more than a need, living is not as it used to be, holding on to survival is now crucial and the seriousness of life is more important than ever before, no more bluff, no more talk without prudent action, especially from the powers that be. Or else, we all will slowly perish.

Change is the only order for tomorrow and those who dwell in the past will not see light; and those who continue to keep us living in the past are not in our interests, so it is for all to decide our new tomorrow.

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