Veronica Augustin — Art Enthusiast

I fell in love with Veronica Augustin Isaac’s paintings the minute I saw them. Her paintings are utterly enchanting and the artist is undoubtedly gifted.

Veronica’s affinity for art has transformed her life in many ways and for that, she’s grateful.

Image of Veronica Augustin
Veronica Augustin

“I started art at a very young age because I remember my teacher scolding me for drawing on my slate instead of doing the ABC. It wasn’t something that I had going on in my life (back then) because in those days drawing books and crayons and these things were not given to you. Art was introduced to me at the Ave Maria Girls School by the late Dunstan St. Omer—I took some of his seminars and later I became the art teacher for the school,” she told The VOICE.

“I wanted to broaden my education so I went away to study in the States and ironically I didn’t study art— I started with accounting and I worked my way up. I was good with numbers; I got a Master’s in accounting and then I did a Doctorate in Financial Management so art became my second calling although it was my joy next to teaching,” Veronica added.

When she moved to the U.S., art was placed on the backburner.

“I did a few pieces in the States and I took part in two exhibitions but I didn’t really pursue it. My accounting and financial background especially working in real estate, took a lot of time and I would only do a few paintings when I needed to get some peace and tranquility,” she explained.

The spark for art was reignited later and Veronica felt complete.

“I started when I came back to Saint Lucia—that was in 2014. I didn’t even think I would be able to paint again because I hadn’t painted for such a long time, maybe like 10 years. I surprised myself because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything and I realized as I kept on painting I got better than I was before, so that long break did a real good job on me,” the art enthusiast said brightly.

According to her, “what I love most is applying the paint to the canvas, it’s like something else is guiding the hand. The outside world is not there, it’s just me and the canvas and I love that.”

Art has taught her a great deal and for her, it’s cathartic.

“If something annoys me and I’m angry, I would go in my art room and start painting and that would soothe whatever pain I had before. The other good thing about art is it allows you to see things differently. (For instance), I could be looking at a painting and you could be looking at the same painting and what I see through that painting may not be what you see. It gives you your own perception which is one that is not influenced by anybody else,” Veronica remarked.

She continued: “most of all art has taught me to look back at nature and see all what is being offered that we tend to forget because nature is very therapeutic; just taking a walk around the yard, I like doing that at home.”

Veronica hopes that her art will help others in some way and she stated that she also wants to donate some of her pieces to various local institutions; she urges Saint Lucians to support local artists as well.

“I would like to see more Saint Lucians engaged in promoting artists and buying their paintings and going to their art shows when it’s available,” she said.

Veronica is proud of her accomplishments and is currently seeking employment.

“I’m very proud to hold not only a Doctorate in Finance but a Master’s in Business Administration and also being a Certified Public Accountant is a great achievement for me. The sad thing about it is that I would love to practice it like I did in the States, but in Saint Lucia they’re not offering me anything where I can put all that experience into work. I have a lot to offer,” she said in closing.

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