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Living has become both a task and a struggle

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By Carlton Ishmael

THE fact remains that we all must die, but are some people killing themselves because of the pressures of life, or because of ignorance and stupidity, or for other reasons.

There will always be deaths, some by natural causes, some because of suicide, some by becoming victims of medical issues, some because of bad driving and riding habits, a large number due to violence, and now you hear of deaths due to Dengue, with people expecting COVID deaths to eventually come, and last of all, deaths due to economic hardships.

Living has become a struggle, with those who can pay for their illnessess before it gets to be fatal and those who die by the gun or other wounds, either because of a chosen lifestyle or because of the chances they take in the name of survival.

Nowadays, due to wants, needs and desires, more people are taking risks, hence the rise in theft and dealing in illegal trades and breaking the law.

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As long as you are alive, there are basic needs to be fulfilled such as shelter, clothing, and food, coupled with bills and care of family in these times of desperation and with lack of opportunity to obtain the necessary cash to meet these basic needs, living has become both a task and a struggle.

Granted the state is broke and plenty of lending agencies must be paid, but with the absence of meaningful jobs and opportunity, the crisis of survival creates a hardship that is like a death sentence.

Can better be done, can despair be reduced, can the law makers and keepers become more efficient? These are all questions to ask and answer for yourself, but if you find or know the answers the question then becomes: What can we do?

We all know the problems and we all claim to know the solutions, but, as usual, we await someone to solve them for us, still waiting for a saviour or God, or on Head of states and investors.

It is like problems will solve themselves. But how long can we continue to leave matters affecting us only for state officials to solve and not also take responsibility for their failures? How do you expect to do the same old things and get new results?

Well, as the times get more crucial, I await the changes that are always promised, especially in these times. Do you expect a change that really is about you?

Do you see hope on the horizon? Do you believe that promises will be kept? Or do you not see that it is you and only you who can demand changes?

We vote and we elect so we should also demand results, and if after all you have done all that you can do and have still failed, and still you see no rewards or results, no resolve, what will you do?

Governments everywhere must listen to the will of the people and not govern as they please. We must stop doing like America and only seeing things in party colors. We must start to think of the future and stop seeing everything only in yellow and red.

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