Knowing Your Embassies

AFFILIATIONS with other well-established states are crucial in the development of any developing state. As such, many Caribbean states are affiliated with some of the world’s established and emerging powers. This week we would like to recognize the contributions of many of these foreign governments to the development of the Island Neighbours.

Most independent states have a foreign affairs ministry which aptly handles all diplomatic and consular relations and as well as bilateral and multilateral relations. Dominica, like St. Lucia has fostered diplomatic relations with The People’s Republic of China. St. Lucia currently has diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Through these relations both islands have gained assistance in infrastructural development often transforming Flintstone – like structures into modern wonders.

The relations with Taiwan has led to improved agricultural developments; strides in the horticulture industry and diversification where necessary. Relations have also been established with the European Union in an effort to speed up advancements in ICT in education and other necessary fields. As departments of France, Martinique and Guadeloupe continue to enjoy the benefits of a mother – child relationship. They also enjoy meaningful relationships with other islands which share a creole heritage.

Neighbourly GetAways
This month in St. Lucia, we especially remember those who fought in the World Wars to attain the freedoms that we have today. Poppies are being sold around the island of St. Lucia. If you are able, make a special contribution to our war veterans. They need us. Support the Poppy Appeal!

Neighbourly GetAways
If you desire to brush up on your foreign relations while on your inter-island adventure, visit one of the embassies at your convenience. Dominica is home to numerous embassies; Belgian, Canadian, Chinese, Cuban, Jamaican, Spanish and Venezuelan. These entities are well-equipped with information about the territories which they represent.

VERY IMPORTANT! A St. Lucian or Dominican travelling to the neighbouring island of Martinique or Guadeloupe requires an official lodging certificate or proof of a paid hotel reservation for over-night stay up to maximum 15 days and Travel medical insurance. These requirements are there to protect CARICOM nationals on the island – ensuring that they have proper lodging and that they are covered in case of sudden accident or a related incident. A visa is required for stay-overs which last more than 15 days. Before visiting the islands, be sure to have such documents in place. Get more information from your carrier!

Let’s go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! It takes time to develop a hobby into a way of life. This week let’s work on collecting some items which remind us of various foreign governments. We can start after visiting the souvenir shop on Savane Square in Fort de France. Purchase a few flags to start your collection. Next, look through hundreds of souvenirs to find the one which captures the perfect foreign moment; postcards, cigars, seashells, printed t- shirts, placemats, mugs and potholders. Live a little! Shop a little!

Historical note! Taiwan has been diplomatically tied to many of the Island Neighbours. Did you know that the largest city in Taiwan is New Taipei which is home to over three million persons? Le jour de souvenir or Remembrance or Veterans Day (red poppy day) is celebrated annually amongst the islands/ in Commonwealth countries on the second Sunday in November or every Sunday 11th November commemorating the braves of the First World War. Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Foreign Relations

Embassy – Ambassade
I am looking for the embassy – Je suis à la recherche de l’ambassade.
Passport – passeport
I lost my passport – J’ai perdu mon passeport.
I wish to apply for a visa – Je tiens à demander un visa.
I lost my passport – J’ai perdu mon billet.
I missed my flight – J’ai raté mon vol.
Diplomatic Relations – Relations diplomatiques
Bilateral Agreement – Accord bilateral


Foreign Commerce
Commerce Extérieur

Foreign Currency
Devise étrangère

Foreign Relations
Relations avec l’étranger

International Relations
Relations internationales

Diplomatic Relations
Relations diplomatique

Cultural Exchange
Échange Culturel

Illegal immigrants
Cladestin (e)/ Les sans papier

Les indegènes


un immigré

Work Permit
Une carte de travail

Permit to reside
Une Carte de sejour

ID Card
Une Carte d’identité

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