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Promises in election motion, but Hope is our only salvation!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

WE always hope for the best and try to see the positive in everything, every passing day, but the reality is that things have worsened for most of us and I can’t see better on the horizon.

Promises are in full motion as we head for elections now and Hope is our only salvation, and we praise God for the fact that we are alive, so we try not to give up.

The state’s main agenda is to craft up methods of making money and the more they have the merrier some will be, especially if it comes from friendly governments and loans that they are not obliged to pay back.

Sadly enough, we the people are not the decision-makers and have no say in how it should be spent and who should get the lion’s share and who should get the crumbs.

The one thing for sure, though, is that it is always negotiated on our behalf and supposed to be in our interest that the money will be used, which most times always turns out to be a most profound bluff.

It is now the belief of most people if you want to become rich in the shortest possible time, just become a politician, or become one’s best friend, so you too can share in the wealth.

It is all about making promises, gaining confidence from the masses that they believe they are working in our interest, that they are building a new country and will offer us a better life.

If you believe, you wait and hope, aspire and continue to wait for that promised tomorrow. Mind you, if the plans fail, some still would have gained heavily and those who lose out are expected to just consider that to be fate, as the way the world turns, as the way the system works.

Those who are smart and know that most of what you hear is talk need to be alert, as we also know that money is used to entice voters and buy votes. We know that there is trickery and malice, but because of party loyalty we toe the line and there is no need to make our government accountable or honest.

We care not that we were conned or taken for a ride, then do nothing and leave things as is, because we will get by as we can and let things remain the same way and simply say that ‘both parties are the same and we will vote for the lesser evil.’

I hope that those voters that claim to be educated and bright find the means to bring this practice to a halt and get rid of that type of governance, because if you don’t and our tomorrow becomes more stressful and more painful with more crime and future unrest, we should not cry.

COVID 19 has changed the world and we the people should find a new method of governance, change the power base, change the way some get rich on others behalf and have more ordinary people climb the ladder.

So, let’s all be very careful with the packages these days, as inside them could be another bluff as a nice-looking means for deceit.

Let’s live and learn and stop taking things for granted, because there is a price to be paid for not caring about how things are done, especially at the Government level.

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