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Congratulations! The Journey Continues…

The United Workers Party Women’s Arm wishes to congratulate all students who sat the Common Entrance examinations in June 2020. The students’ performance in this exam brings much joy, despite the uncertainty and challenging times of this global pandemic.

We thank the students, parents, guardians and educators for their patience and hard work during this academic year, particularly during the home learning period where they were forced to adapt to classes via virtual platforms. Despite the challenges faced, we witnessed your resilience and determination in getting the desired results.

One of government’s top priorities was protecting our students from the coronavirus. To achieve this, schools were closed in a timely manner. We heeded your concerns of the possible impact on the children’s education while they were away from the classroom and made the decision to have the Grade 6 students return to school for final preparations for the Common Entrance examinations.

Ministry of Education officials collaborated with the various stakeholders to ensure that safety measures and protocols were implemented in schools to keep students, teachers and ancillary staff, safe.

We believe that our students have set the example for others to follow; ensuring they wore their face masks, sanitizing their hands frequently, and maintaining social distance.

We would also like to congratulate the Minister of Education Dr Gale Rigobert and her team; in particular, the Chief Education Officer and Permanent Secretary for setting an example for the region by conducting the examination successfully.

The UWP Women’s Arm takes this opportunity to wish students all the very best as they embark on their secondary school journey. To the students who opted to repeat Grade 6, do not be discouraged; continue to focus on your studies and you too will be celebrating in the coming year.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and continue to follow all the protocols recommended by the Ministry of Health.

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