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Calypso Gets A STAGE through ResiliArt

The Invader

Balance Inc. in collaboration with the Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO presents Balance Unified Tent (B.U.T) under the theme Resilience Kiaso. B.U.T will be a live production showcasing Saint Lucia’s Best Calypsonians. It is intended to fill the void brought about by the cancellation of Saint Lucia carnival 2020 due to COVID-19.

This Initiative forms part of the UNESCO ResiliArt movement which stemmed from the international community’s observance of the first-ever World Art Day, underscoring the “universal recognition of the important role that art plays as a catalyst for nurturing creativity, innovation and cultural diversity. This showcase is intended to promote the development and enjoyment of art”.

Image of Herb Black
Herb Black

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Saint Lucia’s cultural and creative industries hard causing countless artists and professionals to lose their income. To remedy our local economy we need art more than ever and need to create new initiatives that defy physical confinement as artistes find creative solutions. Our Music, our voices, our calypso is perhaps one of the greatest cultural forms that give us comfort, strength, escape and courage. An Art form that makes us resilient.

img Black Pearl performs “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
Black Pearl performs “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
The ResiliArt movement allows B.U.T to put the spotlight on the essential role played by calypsonians in our society especially in these uncertain and hard times. The ResiliArt movement allows B.U.T to develop mechanisms to help artists overcome the crisis and to show the world that creativity is unstoppable.

Balance Unified Tent under the theme Resilience Kiaso will feature Calypso Greats such as, Invader, Wally, Herb Black, Blaze, Lady Leen, Tc Brown, Taker, Educator, Teddy Boy, Realist, Black Pearl, Minelle and Lots More. B.U.T is scheduled to be aired at the end of July.

Balance Inc. is a newly recognized organization representing artistes around the island. The focus of Balance Inc. is to look after the welfare of artistes and their genres. Balance Inc. intends to create better working conditions for its members, to help develop the industry and help Artistes to create a better marketable product.

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