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Hidden Benefits of Global Pandemic?

It may seem strange to write about the benefits of a deadly virus that has claimed thousands of lives across the world, reduced prime ministers to a Nineveh Experience, plunged the world economy into a Babylonian Crash, brought presidents, millionaires and business leaders to their knees in a Nebuchadnezzar Grovel and reminded the nations of the world of the Egyptian Plagues that led to a shift in the optics for an unrepentant pharaoh until he recognized that there is a Supreme God whose sovereignty is eternal and whose dominion transcends all nations. But, yes, there are benefits to be derived from the passage of the deadly COVID-19.

Some of these benefits have already been made manifest. Look at the large number of medical professionals who have come out of retirement to serve. Witness the explosive number of young men and women who are delivering with great gusto the Word of God. Observe the global realization of the need for repentance. Take note of the mass reduction in criminal activity. See how excessive merry making has led to tranquil time. Observe how the frenzied involvement in sports has been replaced by prayer. See how idolatry of materialism has surrendered to worship of the One, True, Living and Creator God. The uncontrolled search to satisfy fleshly passions has abated and led to a search to please Almighty God.

Below are other benefits that will emerge from the passage of COVID-19.

  1. Advanced Creative Studies in Geriatrics to help the world’s ageing population
  2. Alternative Studies in Social Work to reduce poverty, poor living conditions, deviance and criminal conduct
  3. Advanced Studies in Virology to destroy parasites and viruses that plague humans and animals
  4. Advanced Studies in Population Dynamics and Migration Studies
  5. tudies in Herbal Medicine that will make healing easier
  6. Family Counselling and Therapy to counteract suicide and addiction
  7. Logistics Management for Poverty-Stricken Countries
  8. Health and Safety Engineering
  9. Medical and Health Services Management
  10. Cadres of self-effacing priests, pastors, sisters, evangelists and missionaries

Remember that in the midst of suffering, there is always God’s grace. Remember that there is always more good than all the evil that is in the world. Remember whatever God the Creator allows He allows out of love and never hatred or indifference.

We are in the time of Joel 3:1 and Acts 2:17 for the Lord God states: “After this, I shall pour out my spirit on all humanity. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old people shall dream dreams, and your young people see visions.”

I wish you the Peace of Jesus regardless of your religious affiliation.

— Rommel

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