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Let’s be jolly and merry, but with eyes wide open for the season!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THE Christmas Season is usually a time to be jolly and merry, exchange gifts, spend more on household necessities and (maybe) buy ourselves a new car or other material needs. But while we try to improve our lives, there are also those many others whose main objective is to deprive or steal from those who have made an effort to get what they have, rather than doing the same.

Sadly, we are now like our own security guards day and night, trying to guard all our priceless possessions from robbers.

What a country we have become: No more loving neighbors, or welcoming strangers with open arms; everybody is a suspect now and trust has been thrown down the drain.

It was not always like that, but along the way we have changed for the worse.

Can or will things ever change? That is a question that cannot be answered, but the other question that should be asked is: What caused us to become what we are today?

Are we coming to grips with the problem of state? What are we doing to change the circumstances? Or, is it a situation of there being no turning back?

Should our backs remain again the wall, or for the sake of not offending some people, we will just keep things as they are?

When will we deal with this new-found reality? And if we ignore it, what will be the price we’ll pay down the road?

I often wonder if the development we take so much time and pride in establishing will not end-up in vain, because the reputation we now have can erode all of those efforts — and again, too late will be our cry.

So, let’s us all try to stay jolly and be merry, but let’s also keep our eyes wide open, because, thanks to the many Scrooges that only want to jingle other people’s bells for Christmas, it’s also a season of dread.

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