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Is Our Political Status Doomed?

By Edison James

POLITICS by nature remains a complex profession, but in recent times a new dimension has emerged based on social media and fake news. This new dimension now places a greater responsibility on the electorate to define fact from fiction. On the other hand, there are certain releases that remain defamatory, dangerous and libelous. A perfect case in point is the recent comments by Dr. Ernest Hilaire on a political platform in Dominica where he clearly stated that the current chaos by the Dominican opposition was hatched in St. Lucia. This is indeed worrisome as some Dominicans could very well accept that theory and decide to retaliate against their St. Lucian neighbours at our next general elections. It should be recalled that Hilaire earlier this year predicted that the next elections in St. Lucia will be “NASTY”. Should one start connecting the dots based on these comments?

It is high time that political parties in opposition raise their standards of criticism in keeping with civilized nations and democratic societies, failing which, our status as a “BANANA REPUBLIC” will remain a permanent fixture in the eyes of the international community.

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