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CSN and Bureau of Standards to Host NQP Consultations

THE Commonwealth Standards Network (CSN) in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) is spearheading a series of consultations on a National Quality Policy (NQP) for Saint Lucia. The formulation of an NQP is a critical output in the technical assistance programme under the CSN.

The NQP is the basic government instrument that is recognised internationally for establishing and overseeing the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI).

To date the CSN Project has conducted desk research, a series of bi-lateral interviews and held meetings with public and private sector stakeholders to identify the various strategic documents, legislation and regulation that would be required to identify the key drivers for the development of an NQP in Saint Lucia.

The consultations begin today at the Finance Administrative Unit in Pointe Seraphine from 9:30a.m.

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