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Appeal for Assistance for Hurricane Ravaged Bahamas

THE Government of Saint Lucia has pledged its full support to the recovery efforts of the Bahamas after the passage of Hurricane Dorian.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency CDEMA has informed that the immediate needs of the islands are water and water pumps. However, CDEMA has advised that monetary contributions would be easier logistically; as vital items can be purchased at locations closer to the Bahamas.

The Government of Saint Lucia wishes to thank persons who have expressed interests in this humanitarian thrust and encourages everyone to make their cash donation at the following accounts in the name of the Government of Saint Lucia:

1st National Bank — LUOBLCLC — 6002760
RBTT  — RBTTLCLC — 1800300000047196
Bank of Nova Scotia — NOSCLCLC — 2002817
Bank of Saint Lucia — BOSLLCLC — 901300136
First Caribbean International Bank  — FCIBLCLC  — 106962170

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