Events Saint Lucia Appoints New CEO

Image of Lorainne Sidonie CEO Events Saint Lucia

The Events Company of Saint Lucia is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Lorraine Sidonie as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  

Image of Lorainne Sidonie CEO Events Saint Lucia
Lorainne Sidonie CEO Events Saint Lucia

A former Commercial Director for Courts Unicomer OECS, Mrs. Sidonie brings to the organization over twenty years of experience covering a wide range of portfolios and skills, having been responsible for sales strategies and business plans across the OECS

Her experience over the years covers several successes including doubling sales and market share for Courts retail businesses throughout the OECS, the launching of Unicomer (Saint Lucia)’ Call Centre to address customer service shortcomings and event initiatives such as the OECS Unicomer Reading Competiton.

Commenting on her appointment, Chairperson of Events Saint Lucia, Agnes Francis, stated that “out of over 20 suitable applicants and several interviews, Mrs. Sidonie presented the best combination of skills, experience and capabilities required for the position including  strategic planning, financial management, marketing, event planning and management, managing staff and experience working with corporate boards.

“Not only does Sidonie have the required technical competence to do the job, her humane nature, coupled with her interpersonal skills, (key ingredients for leading an internal team and external stakeholders to deliver a high standard of production) placed her above all candidates.  Producing events of the magnitude of Events Saint Lucia’s mandate, requires a thorough understanding of planning, managing and evaluating events, long and grueling hours, attention to detail, and most of all, building morale and motivating teams.  The board of Events Saint Lucia feels confident that she is best placed to do so”.

The Board of Directors also wishes to thank the former CEO, Mr. Thomas Leonce for successfully executing the yeoman task of birthing the organization and creating its successes to date.  His stewardship and hard work are greatly appreciated and has laid a solid foundation for the continuance of this very important mandate that of Events Saint Lucia.

When asked about her appointment as CEO of ECSL Mrs. Sidonie stated, “ I am thrilled to have this opportunity to serve the Saint Lucian public, to use my many years of training and skills to help develop the Events Saint Lucia brand and its portfolio, to create products that will far exceed the expectation of our various publics. She continues, “ I am even more excited about working with the dedicated team at ECSL which I have inherited. I thank the Board of Directors of Events Saint Lucia for affording me this opportunity and I look forward to their continued support.

Mrs. Sidone commenced active duty on Monday, July 22, 2019.

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