Mother’s Day 2019

By VOICE Reporter

What to Do for Mom?

Mother’s Day is one of those occasions when most people are prepared to shell out a little more cash than usual, if at least it proves to our moms that we care, and that we appreciate the sacrifices she’s made for us over the years. As the years go by, it gets more and more challenging to decide what to get for mom for Mother’s Day that will really make her feel really special. We can go ahead and ask our mothers, but more often than not, she’ll tell you not to make a big fuss. If you listen to her, you’ll probably never stop hearing about that one year, when you did absolutely nothing for her!

In case you haven’t had a chance to get a gift for mom yet, here are some cool ideas.

Take Her to Lunch / Dinner

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, which is day when people pay more attention to what they eat. Sundays are made for delicious food. There are lots of restaurants and hotels hosting special Mother’s Day celebrations (see page 3). Choose one and take mom out for an outing she won’t soon forget.

Gift: Schedule a spa day for mom so she can head there for some much needed self-care ahead of or after dining.

Night on the Town

Does mom usually spend most of her time indoors? Perhaps Mother’s Day is a great time to switch things up. Plan a special night out on the town for mom, which can begin at a casual bar for cocktails and appetizers, and end at a lounge for dancing. If you’re in the north, the Rodney Bay Marina for its relaxing ambiance is a great start. Ultra Lounge in Rodney Bay is always good for a night with a difference for someone who hasn’t been out in a while.

Gift: Schedule an appointment with her hair salon so she looks ravishing on the night!

Sunset Boat Cruise

Sunset boat cruises are as fun as they are relaxing. Give mom some time to unwind here either in your company, or give her two tickets so she can bring along a plus one of her choice. There are lots of boat companies offering sunset cruises locally, so it’s a good idea to shop around to get the best package.

Gift: A good gift to go along with the Sunset Cruise Package would be a trendy outfit and shoes!

Breakfast in Bed

At the very least, mom should not have to lift a finger on Mother’s Day. Start with breakfast in the morning, will all of her favourite things to eat, and work your way up to a scrumptious dinner. If you’re on a budget, perhaps find a way to set her up with her favourite movies and some popcorn. You might even want to throw in an at home mani/pedi. If you have no idea what you’re doing in this category, stick to the professionals. There are plenty of spas and salons offering manicure and pedicure combos.

Gift: Since this option is low cost, you can choose from a number of gifts which will make mom feel even more special. Popular choices for Mother’s Day gifts include perfume, purses, kitchen appliances, gift vouchers from her favourite store, or clothing.

Paint and Sip

There’s hardly anything more liberating than sipping on something bubbly and delicious, or sweet and potent, as you take a paintbrush to canvas for the first time in forever. No matter her age, mom will love this activity offered by companies like Bel Koule in Saint Lucia. She doesn’t need to be a seasoned artist to appreciate the freedom and fun of this endevour, and you’ll enjoy it too… that is if she decides to let you tag along!

Gift: Flowers and chocolates add to the appeal of this gift.

Watch the Kids!

Let mom have the day to herself on Mother’s Day so she can choose however it is that she’d like to spend her time. Take the time to create a list of activities to keep the kids occupied for the day, and leave the house so she can have peace of mind. All some moms really need on Mother’s Day is some time to themselves.

Gift: Get her a bouquet of flowers the day before to set the mood for a day that is all about her. A statement piece of jewellery, a watch, or something simple of gold, silver or platinum, will make her feel like a queen.

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