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Cyber Eye Offers Value for Money

Cyber Eye Security Services Limited is a security company run by Nigel Noel and Shantelle Ernest. The company opened its doors in 2016, and since then has added to the competitiveness of the security industry in Saint Lucia. Cyber Eye offers security services above and beyond what is currently being offered by some businesses of a similar nature on island. The Voice spoke to Nigel Noel, owner and Director of Cyber Eye, who shared how this business came into existence.

Nigel Noel, owner and Director of Cyber Eye Security.

Why did you decide to open a Security Company?

Nigel: As a child, I always wanted to become a police officer. I wanted to serve and protect my family and the citizenry of this country. With that drive and passion, I became a police officer and later was led to open my very own security company. By opening a security company I was able to provide the same services and more to the private sector by ensuring that their business and employees are safe. I also completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in New York, so now my focus is on continuing to find ways to develop my company to better serve the needs of businesses and regular people.

What are some of the services you offer?

Nigel: Our services include monitoring of surveillance cameras on and inside buildings, rapid response to alarm systems, VIP protection services with the best-trained staff with policing experience, cash escort services, armed and unarmed guard services.

Why do you think a person should invest in security for their business or home?

Nigel: I believe that security is of paramount importance because crime is evolving and it is on the rise. No business or homeowner should compromise their security, hence the reason they should get value for their money.

What is the biggest challenge as it relates to operating a security company in Saint Lucia?

Nigel: The biggest challenge in operating a security company in Saint Lucia I believe is getting the most competent employees to deliver the services that the company provides. Our company provides training for all the staff we employ. We train our staff differently bearing in mind that I came from a policing background with a wealth of knowledge in security management.

Cyber Eye, services include surveillance camera monitoring.

Why should people choose Cyber Eye for their security needs?

Nigel: We offer services that no other security company in Saint Lucia would offer, which is competitive in terms of price and our staff always provides professional service. We give a lot more value for the dollar.

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