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Vieux Fort not left out of Independence celebrations

Image: More activities to mark Saint Lucia’s Independence are scheduled for the remainder of 2019.

THE observance of the country’s 40th Anniversary of Independence is not over yet and residents of Vieux Fort South who felt nothing was done in their constituency in commemoration of that day need not feel that they were left out.

Culture and Creative Industries Minister, Senator Fortuna Belrose reassured residents that Independence celebrations are a year long and therefore their time for celebrating is coming.

Image: More activities to mark Saint Lucia’s Independence are scheduled for the remainder of 2019.
More activities to mark Saint Lucia’s Independence are scheduled for the remainder of 2019.

The Minister had reason to voice that assurance as sentiments coming out of the constituency underscored some residents’ disappointment that no activities were held leading up to February 22.

This year far contrasted previous years in the south which have been more or less a hive of sporting, social and cultural activities – all features of Independence celebrations. This year nothing of the sort took place there, leading residents to describe the place as a ghost town.

Not even the decoration of Vieux Fort town with flags and fresh applications of paint seems to have lifted the spirit of residents.

One resident told the Voice, “It’s disappointing and disheartening that we do not have any activities in Vieux Fort South to celebrate such an important occasion.”

What this reporter was able to determine from conversations with persons in the constituency was that there were activities in communities around the constituency but not in the constituency itself.

“The south is a big part of our celebrations, we are not finished. The Prince is coming and we have a full line up for the south,” Minister Belrose assured all.

She made mention of town and village councils. According to the minister, each local council was mobilised to ensure engagement in active programmes for Independence.

“They each had some money to be able to do a programme of substance within their communities,” she said. “That’s surprising if nothing was felt by residents.

The prince Belrose is referring to is Prince Charles of England who will kick off his Caribbean tour with a visit to Saint Lucia 12 days from today. That visit is said to be in line with the 40th Anniversary of Independence of which he and the Duchess of Cornwall will be the guests of honour at an event to mark just that.

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