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UWI Open Campus Panel Discussion to Tackle Crossroads in Venezuela

By VOICE Reporter
Image of Venezuelan Ambassador to St. Lucia, Leiff Escalona
Image of Venezuelan Ambassador Leiff Escalona
Venezuelan Ambassador Leiff Escalona

THE late Marcus Garvey had it right. People without knowledge can be likened to trees without roots. In an era with endless avenues to seek information, simply not knowing for lack of interest does one absolutely no good. The UWI Open Campus has made a concerted effort over the past years to present the public with opportunities to learn about pertinent topics through regular panel discussions which have featured some of the most prolific speakers in the Caribbean. On Thursday, February 28, the UWI Open Campus in Collaboration with the National Reparations Committee presents, ‘Venezuela at the Crossroads: A Public Forum on the Crisis in Venezuela.’ The discussion will feature contributions by Mr. Earl Huntley, former ambassador and permanent Representative to the United Nations, outgoing Venezuelan Ambassador Leiff Escalona, and Dr. Clarence Henry, Programme Officer, Regional Integration at the OECS Commission. The public lecture will be held at the Financial Administrative Centre, 5th Floor, Point Seraphine, Castries.

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