WASCO completes enhancements to Canaries Water Treatment Plant

PRESS RELEASE – THE Water and Sewerage Company Inc WASCO announces the completion of yet another project in keeping with the company’s mandate to provide safe potable water for households to communities in St Lucia.

The objective of the project to improve and enhance the water security, quality and supply for approximately 900 households and businesses in the village of Canaries.

The improvements took the form of physically protecting the treatment plant site, as well as enhancing the treatment process, by introducing elements that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the plant.

The scope of works included construction of reinforced concrete retaining walls that run primarily parallel to the Canaries River, to protect the site’s northern and western boundaries from ongoing erosion; construction of a 2.4 m long by 2.4m-wide settlement tank; construction of a 3.0m long by 3.0m-wide chemical hut; construction of a 6.0m-long by 2.0m-wide rubble wall roughing filter; and installation of a +/-40m3/h capacity flocculator.

The works also included: Supply and installation of a chemical feed system; Supply and Installation of a vacuum chlorinator and associated pump; General waterproofing repairs, painting and re-sanding of the existing slow sand filter; Installation of a 154m perimeter fence; and supply and installation of PV Array Solar System, inclusive of 48 hour battery storage, inverter and cabling.

The project was funded by the Caribbean Development
Bank (CDB) through the St Lucia Social Development Fund
(SSDF) and the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF).(WASCO)

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