Chamber Discusses Styro foam Ban with Department of Sustainable Development

PRESS RELEASE – REPRESENTATIVES of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce met with the Department of Sustainable Development to discuss the country’s intention to phase out the use of and ban the importation of single use plastics and Styrofoam.

Chamber Executive Director says he is pleased with the information and plans shared with the Chamber and anxiously awaits full details pending Cabinets’ decision. Louisy noted “many countries including neighboring islands have and are banning single use plastics and Styrofoam, so St. Lucia will be joining a global trend, albeit late. Moreover, Manufacturers of these products are already transitioning into more environmentally friendly alternatives.” Louisy also noted that, “local players are already converting their practices, with Massy Stores, Sandals and Bay Gardens for instance”. This he said is a clear and powerful statement on the private sectors’ preparedness to move to be more environmentally friendly in their operations.

Louisy however believes that the Government should seek to utilize fiscal policy to incentivize the more rapid transfer towards biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. This he said should include revising import duties and other charges on environmentally friendly alternatives downward or even eliminating them and increasing those on the traditional products.

The Chamber Executive Director said that it is important that a clear program setting out the phase out period, dates for the termination of imports and banning the use of these products is shared with the public and business community early to ensure its smooth execution. He says that he is confident this can be done based on the work that the Department of Sustainable development has already done.

The meeting agreed that the cost of disposing plastics and their extensive negative impact on the environment can be reduced by the banning and eliminating single use plastic and Styrofoam products. (Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce)

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