Caribbean Grains 1KG Flour Launched at Saint Lucia/Taiwanese Tradeshow

PRESS RELEASE – CARIBBEAN Grains Saint Lucia Ltd proudly showcased it locally produced wheat flour to the masses of exhibitors and attendees at the Saint Lucia Taiwan Partnership Tradeshow held at the Golden Palm Events Centre. The company based in Vieux Fort, mills its wheat flour for distribution locally and for regional export. To commemorate the launch of its 1KG Unbleached Premium and Regular All-Purpose White Wheat Flour in stores, the company employed a number of innovative methods during the event.

On the background of a lively and culturally filled opening ceremony showcasing the traditional dances of both Saint Lucia and Taiwan, the company provided an array of baked goods with representatives detailing the baking techniques used to achieve the high quality depicted in the products samples. Transference of skills to the bakers and helping to maximise profitability in their business, is what drives Caribbean Grains team. Excited visitors to the booth were able to enter the “Win your weight in flour” competition, with three lucky winners walking away with bales of flour at the end. Additionally, aspiring bakers were afforded the opportunity to register for the company’s baking academy and received packs of 1KG flour and flour shopping bags as part of the promotion.

According to Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Decosta Pierre who was on hand to present the prizes and educate attendees on the wheat flour manufacturing process, “Caribbean Grains, as a local manufacturer of wheat flour in the Caribbean, has a vested interest in the development of the baking industry and as such, has already embarked on a series of training exercises which provide hands on training to seasoned and novice bakers alike, in an effort to enhance the variety of baking goods available on island.”

The company has welcomed local bakeries, restaurants, hotels, schools and even households into its baking academy in Vieux Fort, with the aim of nurturing the homegrown skills, adding new age techniques and assist the bakers in producing a wider range of products which appeal to more customers. With a wide array of flour types on offer, customers can purchase the 50lb bags White Wheat, and Whole Wheat from the Government warehouse, or the specialty flours including Donut, Rye, Multigrain, Campagne, Brioche, Genoise and Pasta flour from Distributors or at the mill. The Premium and Regular All Purpose Unbleached White flour can be seen on shelves across the island in a 1KG size.

The company has vowed to continue its sensitization programme as more customers are reaping the benefits of a healthier flour available from local producers.

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