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Top Cop Says He Was Reported To Higher Authorities

Image: Acting Deputy Commissioner Severin Moncherry

Top Cop, Severin Moncherry has said that he wants a professional relationship with Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis.

Moncherry made the disclosure at a news conference last week during which he hit back at the Mayor over remarks that the police chief described as ‘untrue’.

“I will continue to have a professional relationship with the Mayor. I will continue whatever collaboration exists between the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the City Constabulary – that will continue,” he explained.

But Moncherry declared that he will not allow the Mayor to step on his toes and remain quiet.

“One of the questions I want to ask the Mayor is, I wonder if his latest attack on the police force is because of his interest in becoming commissioner of police?” The Police Commissioner stated.

The Mayor had hours before the Commissioner spoke, told a news conference that should the office of police chief become vacant, he would apply.

The statement brought laughter from those in attendance.

The police commissioner accused the Castries Mayor of launching an attack on the police force.

Moncherry suggested that the Mayor’s actions were linked to his decision as police chief not to administer an oath to an officer of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC).

“I will continue to refuse for reasons that I am not going to disclose now,” he asserted.

“I think since then the Mayor has been very upset. I have been reported  to higher authorities, but notwithstanding what happened I will stand my ground and I am not going to administer the oath to this particular officer,” Moncherry made clear, adding that it was nothing personal.

“When I act as Police Commissioner I act professionally and will continue to act professionally,” the top cop told reporters.

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