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The Landings vs DCA case sets a very bad precedent

THE EDITOR: I think we need to be very clear about the repercussions of the action The Landings has initiated against the Development Control Authority (DCA) over the Sandals project at Pigeon Island.

If this action should prove to be successful, it sets a dangerous precedent and sends an ominous message to other would-be investors, who will now question the efficacy of any approvals given by the DCA.

That is bad news for future investment!

If, as an investor, I take my time to do what is prescribed and submit plans for approval, and then a precedent arises where that approval can be struck down, I would hesitate to start any construction work — even if I get DCA approval in the future.

The Landings, through their attorneys, has set the island upon a very slippery road by the way they had have proceeded with this matter, which I am sure would have had some form of talks involving a settlement.

Let’s look at the Royalton/Rex arrangement on Reduit beach. Land is scarce. So if the Royalton decides it wants to go up ten storeys, what then? Can they expect to have their approvals, if granted, challenged in court?

Suppose the owners of the condos at the back, the businesses along Rodney Bay decide it hinders their view of the sunset across Reduit beach? Can they expect a legal challenge too?
I hope good sense prevails and I hope the right decision is made, because, if the Government does intend to embark on the ambitious expansion programme outlined by the Prime Minister, then investors need to be comfortable that if they do what is asked, they are not punished for it later on. (M.J.)

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