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Have Faith

FAITH: “Faith is the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

Father God today is yet another day for your people as we celebrates life and grateful to be in the land of the living! Some person’s did not get up from their beds today, many are sick and laying in hospital beds, many are behind prisons wall and wish they were not behind bars, many are faced with mental and physical abused, many do not know where their next meal is coming from. Father you alone knows the heart and the intention of your people and what they are being faced with right now. Father gives us the right attitude and the motives towards each other and the things we do. Father with you all things is indeed possible to those who believed with all of their hearts.

Having the right attitude in any given situation and being obedience pays off for you, humble yourself even when others ridiculed and offend you. God is the one who would fight all your battles for you in due time and season. Many times persons would do you things and you want to take it in your own hands but do not allow this to stop you from going to the top and let God get all the glory and praise in it all. My good readers seek first the kingdom of God and he would surely work it all out for you as you continue to be faithful to him. The disappointments you had would be a great time of celebration and those who wait for your down fall would see what the Lord has done!

My good readers throughout the length and breadth of St Lucia, Caribbean isles, international circle and those of you connecting via the World Wide Web of technology, indeed without the love and the protection of the Lord we tend to struggle so much with all kinds of questions. The time has come for us to really put our hope, trust and confident in the Lord more than ever. Those of you who are not saved, now is the time to make it right with the Lord and see the hands of God moved on your behaved. So know you are blessed and highly favored of God in this time and season.

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  1. Today The U.S. landed some exploratory Lab on the Planet Mars.Great science right?
    Did it take some degree of faith? I do hope so; I believe that the Lord will allow man, in his
    fleshly ability to achieve great things, building great ‘Towers of Babel’ (Gen. 11:4) and God watches.
    It is my hope that out of all this noise, the banging of chest, the big Hurrah, that humanity will wake up
    from their dream of ‘self’ and realize that The Father is always watching. The signs of His return is glaring.
    and you must not be found asleep at the ‘Last Trump’ like one of the five foolish Virgins. Have Faith, wake up.

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