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New Gary Butte exhibition opening soon

By Buki Cahane
Image of Gary Butte [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

GARY Butte is an artist whose pieces resonate deep within me.

His depictions of masks and faces painted with a thick tribal abstract tone, calls me home, to memories of growing up in Africa. His first ‘Mask Parade’ Collection was exhibited in 2011 and toured across Dominican Republic, Martinique, Grenada, Guadeloupe and England.

Image of Gary Butte [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
Gary Butte [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
The MeCurator Art Gallery will be home to Butte’s ‘Mask Parade 2’ collection, featuring 16 paintings, all depicting masked characters that reflect the variance of cultures that form the Caribbean.

As Jounen Kweyol draws to an end in St Lucia, we must never forget the diversity within the Caribbean people, which spreads across many regions and groups of people. Butte attempts to recreate these complex relationships by putting paint to canvas within this collection ‘Mask Parade 2’.

Butte’s signature style is bold, energetic and exposes the beauty in our multiculturality. He describes his work as “An incoming tide of the waves, etching the shores of our land with a rich history of the people. With each wave that washes over the sand, another moment is shared, another memory is formed and another heart is touched.”

Experience this powerful collection on the opening night next Friday 2nd November, from 7pm at the MeCurator Art Gallery

MeCurator Art Gallery | Open Mon to Fri | 9.00am to 3.00pm | And by Private Appointment | Star Publishing Building, MassadeGros Islet, St Lucia

Cell: +1 758 722 8303
(BukiCahane is the owner and manager of the MeCurator Art Gallery.)

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